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Water Treatment Chemicals

Specified Technical Sales Ltd. is a proud provider of high quality chemical corrosion inhibitors, chemical scale inhibitors/antifoulants, biocides, waste water products and heat transfer cleaners.

Specified Technical provides technical expertise in water chemistries to buildings owners, property managers, and engineering contractors. By protecting HVAC systems against corrosion, scale, and microbiological contamination we aim to increase the efficiency of our clients’ operations with a focus on reducing annual maintenance costs.

Highly trained employees and hands on experience, enables us to select and implement the very best chemical treatment programs for all types of HVAC/Commercial heat transfer equipment.

Services include regular scheduled site visits to analyze, report and provide recommendations for optimum operation conditions.

Specified Technical Sales Ltd. can also provide system cleaning services to remove scale, iron oxide, or biological foulants from heat exchanger surfaces.

Products Include:

Steam Boiler Treatment Programs




Cooling Tower Inhibitors

Biocides – Liquids and Bromine

Closed loop System Inhibitors (Nitrite, Moly and Organic)

Wastewater treatment coagulants & flocculants

Glycol (Propylene and Ethylene)