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Ferroquest FQ7103

Neutral pH Pre-Operational Cleaner



  • Ideal for HVAC piping and vessel cleaning requiring low environmental impact while dissolving and removing iron oxide, oil, grease and mill scale while providing for low corrosion rates during the cleaning
  • Contains Ferroquest rust remover, oxygen scavenger, dispersants, surfactants and other environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Cost effective performance
  • Good for systems containing multi-metal metallurgies

After nearly 20 years, competing manufacturers are finally following Suez Water with low environmental impact pre-operational cleaners. The only problem is they are still only addressing one side issue when the whole point of complete pipe cleaning is still far out of reach for most of their products. Only Ferroquest FQ7103 contains the original Ferroquest technology that was developed from apple peels to dissolve rust at a neutral pH. This product does not only remove oil, grease and mill scale but it also dissolves and lifts iron corrosion to allow for flushing while passivating, prior to introduction of the permanent corrosion inhibitor. The fact is that much pipe used is now produced over-seas and there is NO ASME specification that limits rust on the pipe walls. This rust will not be removed with typical alkaline or non-alkaline cleaners but some will flake off during operation due to flow velocities causing fouling issues in the system and on heat exchange surfaces. Corrosion layers that do not flake off will be the sites for future carbuncles and pitting.

The pipe sample below was submerged in a 2% solution of Ferroquest FQ7103 for 72 hours. The iron oxide was dissolved and the surface well passivated while even better results are expected with flow.

Arrangements can be made for a courier to pick up plastics, from your business, for a nominal fee of approximately $35.00, within Calgary city limits. Maximum # of pails, per pick up, is currently, limited to 60 pails or 12 drums.