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Molybdate Removal System

Specified Technical Sales Ltd., with a government of Canada grant, has developed and fabricated our “Molybdate Removal System” to effectively remove molybdate from closed loop HVAC systems. Molybdate is an effective corrosion inhibitor for closed loop systems (hot and cold) but government discharge limits are reducing its popularity. With the recommended level of sodium molybdate in systems at 60-100 ppm, any release could exceed the typical 5 ppm discharge limit. For this reason, many building owners and managers are now requesting to remove the molybdate in exchange for a more environmental friendly technology. This system was developed to remove molybdate from the water, online, at operating temperature and pressure. Once it is removed, the organic Corrshield OR4407 is the product of choice to be added for corrosion ongoing protection.

Based on an accurate system volume and existing molybdate concentration, the amount of specially chosen ion exchange resin, can be calculated. An accurate system volume is attained by lithium tracer testing prior to performing the molybdate removal. Samples are taken throughout the process of the system and the output of the molybdate removal system. When the system concentration falls below 5 ppm the removal is accepted as complete.

Recently, Specified Technical Sales Ltd. conducted a molybdate removal process for a large public building in the city of Edmonton Alberta with the results being very successful, as illustrated below.

One of our specially constructed vessels