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Table of Contents

Equipment Drawings


[ED131] Darling “E” Strainers
[ED121] Neptune Corporation & Stop Injection Valve Assembly
[ED128A] Specified HP Agitator


[ED131] Asco 8210 Solenoid Valve
[ED131A] Burkert Cold Water Solenoid Valve
[ED131B] Burkert Hot Water Solenoid Valve
[ED132] Belimo Motorized Ball Valves (to 100 Celsius)
[ED132A] Belimo Motorized Ball Valves (to 138 Celsius)

Sample Coolers

[ED137] Orchem Sample Cooler
[ED137A] STS Sample Cooler


[ED144] Axiom Neutralization Tank
[ED145] Axiom MF200 Automatic Glycol Feed Tank
[ED146] Axiom MF300 Automatic Glycol Feed Tank
[ED147] Axiom SF100 Automatic Glycol Feed Tank
[ED147A] 160L Polyethylene Tank with metric and US Graduations w/ lid
[ED147B] 45 Gal Polyethylene Tank and Painted Steel Stand
[ED147D1] Albany Glycol Feed Pump and Motor
[ED147G] STS Pelican Fully Automatic Glycol Feed System
[ED148] STS Penguin Glycol Feed System

Chemical Feeders

[PN155HP] 8 STS High Pressure Offset Pot feeder
[PN155LP] 8 STS Low Pressure Offset Pot feeder
[ED154A] Specified 8 litre Chemical Pot Feeder
[ED154A-HP2] Specified 8 litre Chemical Pot Feeder (high pressure)
[ED154A2] Specified 20 litre Chemical Pot Feeder
[ED154B] Neptune, Chemical By-Pass Feeder
[ED154C/D] Bromine By-Pass Feeder

Flow Switch

[ED164] McDonnell Flow Switch

Filter Housings

[ED165] STS Filter Ring Wrench
[ED165A] STS String Wound Filter Cartridges
[ED165B] Filterite, LMO Filter Housings
[ED165C] FSS-34 Stainless Steel Filter Housing
[ED165D] Aquapure SS1HA Filter Housings (OBSOLETE)
[ED165E] Pentek ST-BC Multi-Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housings[ED165I] Iron Catcher

Chemical Pumps

[ED168] Prominent Concept Chemical Feed Pump
[ED168A] Prominent Beta Chemical Feed Pump
[ED168B] PULSAtron feeder Chemical Feed Pump
[ED169] LMI Series AA Chemical Feed Pumps

Water Meters

[ED180] Hydrometer/Prominent Cold Water Totalizing Contact Meter
[ED180A] 1″ Cold Water Turbine Water Meter (Obsolete)
[ED180B] Sensus Cold Water Meter
[ED180C] Etatron Cold Water Contact Meter (Obsolete)
[ED180D] Fleck 2″ Hall Effect Water Meter
[ED180E] Direct Read Water Meter

Coupon Racks

[ED182] STS 2 Position Corrosion Coupon Rack
[ED182B] STS 4 Position Corrosion Coupon Rack
[PN182] A PVC Coupon Holder

Flow Indicators and Meters

[ED184] Filter-Mate Flow Indicator
[ED184B] Filter-Mate Bronze
[ED186] United Brass “Sure Site” 70 TTSLB Flow Indicator

Water Softeners

[ED189] STS-Simplex Meter Initiated Water Softener
[ED190] STS Duplex Meter Initiated Water Softener

Backflow Preventers

[ED192A] Apollo 40-100 Back Flow Preventer

Testing Equipment

[ED200] Myron Conductivity Meter
[ED201] Aqua-Pal Conductivity / pH Meters OBSOLETE
[ED201A] Hanna pH Checker
[ED201B] EC3 Conductivity Meter
[ED203] Advantage HT-3P Conductivity Meter
[ED204A] Oakton Acorn Con6 Conductivity Meter
[ED205] Oakton Acorn pH 5 Portable/Bench top pH Meter
[ED208] STS-MT-737ATC Glycol Refractometer

Control Panels

[ED211] STS CWS Cooling Water Skid
[ED213] Encore, Repeat Cycle Timer[ED214A] Microflex Multi Function Controller for Cooling Tower[ED214B] Microflex Multi function Controller for Boilers
[ED217] Dual Pump Timer Model MX-7DT-2

Hand Pumps

[ED212] Monarch V110 Sliding Vane Crank Hand Pump
[ED219] Series “HP” Dispensing Hand Pump
[ED219B] Rieke, MR-60 Chemical/Glycol Hand Pump
[ED219C] Fill-Rite Series 20 Hand Lever Piston Pump

Section 5: Equipment Brochures

[PB147G] STS Pelican Fully Automatic Glycol Feed System[PB211A] STS CWS-540 Cooling Water Skid (other models available)

Chemical Test Kits (Available on Request)

GE Water, Hach, STS